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Underrated Jazz Guitarists #1 William Ash

In no particular order, just as they come to me I will post up guitarists I think deserve further recognition 🙂

I’ve listened to the criminally underrated William Ash for a few years now and his albums are some of my favourite to listen to on my iPod on my walk to work. I can’t remember how I came across them but if you think you’ll like a Wes vibe but on steroids then you’ll love this stuff. He seems to be able to play with his thumb like Wes but also with a pick where necessary.  Oh and also he is the most ridiculous block chord soloist you’ve probably ever heard, check out the track ‘Joanne’ (or any others really) from ‘Moonlight and Stars on iTunes.

Recommended Listening

“Moonlight and Stars”, “The Phoenix” and “The Long Road” all great albums for fans of jazz guitar.

I couldn’t find a website to link to and there’s not much on Youtube so go to iTunes to get hold of his stuff.


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