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New Affordable Jazz Guitar Amps…

One from Fender which I’m sure will be a fantastic home/studio/small gig amp. A 15″ speaker will ensure a warm full response and the pure valve amp section will give a classic tone. Look at the spec on this:

No reverb may be the only slight issue for some people and maybe it’ll break up at higher volumes but who knows, it may be surprisingly loud as there’s no gain control, just a master.
Oh yeah….and it’s going to be under £300!!

From Ibanez there’s the Wholetone WT80 which looks to be kinda based on a Polytone and delivers a clean 80w of solid state goodness. Reverb on this as well as chorus for those Sco/Metheny moments.

Oh yeah….and it’s also going to be under £300!!

Click through to our shop (Fender one not released yet, Ibanez one coming soon)

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