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Matt Chandler Interview

Matt is an up and coming guitarist originally from the Midlands and now based in London with his exciting trio, he’s released 2 albums so far “After Midnight” and “It Goes Like This” to critical acclaim and has worked with Tony Kofi amongst other top artists. He was picked this year as the winner of Eastman Guitars International ‘Future Guitar Legend’ which included a trip to LA to play with the legendary John Pisano so the future is looking great for Matt. Make sure you drop by his website or see him at a gig
He kindly agreed to answer a few questions for us; cheers Matt!

What/who were your initial influences?
I have to say, Joe Satriani. Listening to him made me want to play guitar, then later, Pat Metheny got me into Jazz.

Are you gigging much at the moment and any projects in the pipeline?
At the moment i have a new trio. This has Sophie Alloway on drums and Jason Simpson on Bass. We hope to be getting out playing soon. There are some videos of us up on my website
I also have a few shows coming up in Autumn in the midlands with the BoHoP Trio and Wendy kirkland.

What’s your ‘desert island’ guitar or have you got it!?
I already have it . My Gibson es 175.

Best (jazz guitar) gig you’ve ever seen?
Best jazz guitar gig i have ever seen must be Jonathan Kreisberg at the pizza Express this April. Kreisberg, for me, is one of the best. He has it all, very rich harmonic and melodic content and, of course, a great tone!

Which guitarist(s) would you recommend for other people to check out?
If you can try and check out, Filipe Monteiro, Richard Rozze. both really good players, they can be found online. Also, i think people should check out John Pisano more. My reason is to do with actual comping and rhythm work in the sense that i think this area of jazz guitar can tend be overlooked by most of us. John Pisano is an excellent example of superior comping.I am a firm believer in you are only as good as the guy that is comping for you or your rhythm section. What the other guy/girl plays can have an enormous effect on how good, or bad, you are going to be on a gig. , whilst i was in LA i had the pleasure of playing a couple of tunes with John. Right from the word go my performance was really comfortable, its almost like John sizes you up and knows what your going to do before you do and adjusts his comping style to suit. We should check John out more for the benefit of who we are going to comp for!

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