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Jim Mullen in Nottingham

Thoroughly enjoyed the gig in Nottingham at the Bonnington Theatre despite the inclement weather! The band consisting of Jim Mullen (guitar), Gareth Williams (piano), Mick Hutton (bass) and Gary Husband (drums) effortlessly did 2 sets packed with a great range of feels, tempos and textures to a thrilled audience. In particular I was really struck with the interpretation of John Lennon’s “Love” which worked really well as a jazz ballad.
I managed to get a sneaky bit of footage of Jim’s solo on “All The Things You Are”. Enjoy!

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New Ibanez Jazz Guitars

Launched last week in NAMM we have news of some Ibanez models that will be hitting the shores soon and they look great. There’s 3 new jazz guitars AFJ81 AFJ85 and a new George Benson signature guitar a LGB300. The price on the AFJ81 and AFJ85 are likely to be around £400/450 which is amazing, that’s a lot of guitar for the money. Although the spec sheet doesn’t say it they look to both be 17″ bodies as opposed to the others in the Artcore range which are around 16″ which makes them more comfortable to play for some and should have a positive effect on tone as well. For me I would (predictably) say that they have cut corners with the pickup though, a cheap ceramic which comes with it just doesn’t cut the mustard; a Bare Knuckle in the neck and you’d have an absolutely stunning guitar!

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New Affordable Jazz Guitar Amps…

One from Fender which I’m sure will be a fantastic home/studio/small gig amp. A 15″ speaker will ensure a warm full response and the pure valve amp section will give a classic tone. Look at the spec on this:

No reverb may be the only slight issue for some people and maybe it’ll break up at higher volumes but who knows, it may be surprisingly loud as there’s no gain control, just a master.
Oh yeah….and it’s going to be under £300!!

From Ibanez there’s the Wholetone WT80 which looks to be kinda based on a Polytone and delivers a clean 80w of solid state goodness. Reverb on this as well as chorus for those Sco/Metheny moments.

Oh yeah….and it’s also going to be under £300!!

Click through to our shop (Fender one not released yet, Ibanez one coming soon)

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Eastman AR371

We got the much anticipated Eastman AR371 guitars in stock and wow, they are fantastic value for money!
Slightly thinner neck than my T146SMD and a slightly shorter scale makes it a breeze for chord melody. I’m seriously tempted myself!

I’ve slapped some flatwound strings on one and I’ll get round to reviewing some time soon.
More pictures here, join and ‘like’ our shop on Facebook


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16th North Wales International Jazz Guitar Weekend 2011

We’re looking forward to this event as it is always one of the best events in the UK jazz guitar calender. This year is featuring the legendary Jimmy Bruno as the guest tutor which promises to be a real treat. There’s a host of gigs happening over the weekend from an informal jam to the concerts featuring Gary Potter and the Saturday night concert which is Jimmy Bruno as well as Trefor Owen. It also features the fantastic Dave O’Higgins on sax who is a bona fide UK sax legend!. Foulds are supporting the event and will be there with a small selection of guitars, accessories and magazines.
Further details here

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New Eastman

We’ve got an order in for a new exciting model from Eastman which I believe is to be called the AR371 which will be sub £1000 and all laminate. This is making me lust!



It’s been a while….

…since I posted something here due to holidays and generally being busy. On my week off I managed to rustle up another 2 part etude based on the harmony of ‘Yesterdays’ which sounds almost classical. Enjoy!

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