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Two Week Guitar Special in Oxford

Just doing this really quickly as I’m about to rush down to London to see Remember Shakti as part of the London Jazz Festival week.  I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice before and I can’t wait to see them again…!

Anyway I’m just doing a quick post as Adam Taylor contacted me regarding a couple of special events he is running in Oxford, I’ll let him explain.

I have a two week guitar extravaganza coming up and thought it would be something you and your followers would be interested in. I have two great guitarists coming and would love to make the nights as successful as possible. Next week (Mon 25th Nov) I have Dan Messore playing at the club, with myself and a great rhythm section. Then the week after (Mon 2nd Dec) Pete Oxley and the spin trio plus me will be performing.

Here are the fb links with the info and website links:

Mon 25th Nov Dan Messore:

Mon 2nd Dec Pete Oxley:

And here are the links for the club:

And here is my website:

If you are in the area please do support!

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