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Attila Zoller – Help Needed!

After seeing a plea on Facebook from the Atilla Zoller appreciation page run by his daughter Alicia I said I would post this up here to see if anyone can help or know of anyone who would be willing to get involved. This is what she wrote:


“After multiple attempts to try and organize my fathers legacy, I have finally come to the realization that I am not equipped to take on this unbelievably complex task. As I am neither a musician nor an archivist, I do not possess the skills to do this alone. And so…I send my plea to you: any help, advice, direction or otherwise will be greatly appreciated. I have a huge amount of multiple media of music, videos, promotional materials, advertisement, sheet music, newspaper & magazine articles (in multiple languages) not to mention the photos. I really could use some help with this exhaustive task that is my sole responsibility.”

You can link with the page on

You can also contact her directly by email




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