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Larry Coryell, Phil Robson, Adrian Ingram and Trefor Owen UK Festival 2015

We are getting incredibly excited about the forthcoming jazz guitar weekend in Wrexham May 15th-17th. See you there!

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Attila Zoller – Help Needed!

After seeing a plea on Facebook from the Atilla Zoller appreciation page run by his daughter Alicia I said I would post this up here to see if anyone can help or know of anyone who would be willing to get involved. This is what she wrote:


“After multiple attempts to try and organize my fathers legacy, I have finally come to the realization that I am not equipped to take on this unbelievably complex task. As I am neither a musician nor an archivist, I do not possess the skills to do this alone. And so…I send my plea to you: any help, advice, direction or otherwise will be greatly appreciated. I have a huge amount of multiple media of music, videos, promotional materials, advertisement, sheet music, newspaper & magazine articles (in multiple languages) not to mention the photos. I really could use some help with this exhaustive task that is my sole responsibility.”

You can link with the page on

You can also contact her directly by email




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Upcoming UK Events

On the 29th March there is a rare chance to learn with the amazing Sid Jacobs as he is giving a master class in London. Details below:



If you are a fan of the music of Bill Evans and you’re interested in the Jimmy Wyble style of arranging then this is a must. 

Also in Wrexham there is the amazing Howard Alden coming across to teach at the Jazz Guitar Weekend arranged by Trefor Owen. This is really a must for any aspiring jazz guitarist to get up close and really see how a professional approaches the art form. It’s great to hang out with lots of like minded people and there are some great opportunities to jam and share knowledge. 
Information is on this webpage


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Underrated Jazz Guitarists #1 William Ash

In no particular order, just as they come to me I will post up guitarists I think deserve further recognition 🙂

I’ve listened to the criminally underrated William Ash for a few years now and his albums are some of my favourite to listen to on my iPod on my walk to work. I can’t remember how I came across them but if you think you’ll like a Wes vibe but on steroids then you’ll love this stuff. He seems to be able to play with his thumb like Wes but also with a pick where necessary.  Oh and also he is the most ridiculous block chord soloist you’ve probably ever heard, check out the track ‘Joanne’ (or any others really) from ‘Moonlight and Stars on iTunes.

Recommended Listening

“Moonlight and Stars”, “The Phoenix” and “The Long Road” all great albums for fans of jazz guitar.

I couldn’t find a website to link to and there’s not much on Youtube so go to iTunes to get hold of his stuff.


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Paco de Lucia (1947–2014)

Although himself not a jazz guitarist, I feel his passing deserves recognition as his music had such passion, soul and other worldly skill to it. I first came into contact with his music through a woodwind repairer at our shop who gave me a tape of “Friday Night in San Francisco” years ago and it flipped my head as I’d never heard guitar playing like it! Subsequently  in 1996 I went out to buy “Antologia” which at the time was only available on import (£30 and I was skint!) but it proved to be an outstandingly good purchase as it still gets listened to on a regular basis. At that time I didn’t really understand how his career had moved flamenco forward into world music and into the ears and hearts of people around the world but now understanding a bit more about that really brings the music a whole new edge.

My favourite Paco tracks are ‘Zyrab’, the truly incredible ‘Guijaras de Lucia’, Rio Ancho, ‘Monasterio de Sal’, and his contributions to the 3 Guitar Trio albums.

I’ll leave you with a track from John McLaughlin’s mid 90’s album which saw a reprise of the guitar trio for the track that John wrote with Paco in mind ‘El Ciego’



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RIP Jim Hall 1930-2013

One of the greats has passed, there were a number of albums I loved but in particular I enjoyed his tunes with Bill Evans.

Thanks Jim.

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Two Week Guitar Special in Oxford

Just doing this really quickly as I’m about to rush down to London to see Remember Shakti as part of the London Jazz Festival week.  I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice before and I can’t wait to see them again…!

Anyway I’m just doing a quick post as Adam Taylor contacted me regarding a couple of special events he is running in Oxford, I’ll let him explain.

I have a two week guitar extravaganza coming up and thought it would be something you and your followers would be interested in. I have two great guitarists coming and would love to make the nights as successful as possible. Next week (Mon 25th Nov) I have Dan Messore playing at the club, with myself and a great rhythm section. Then the week after (Mon 2nd Dec) Pete Oxley and the spin trio plus me will be performing.

Here are the fb links with the info and website links:

Mon 25th Nov Dan Messore:

Mon 2nd Dec Pete Oxley:

And here are the links for the club:

And here is my website:

If you are in the area please do support!

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Sheryl Bailey & Phil Robson

A couple of days ago Sheryl Bailey and Phil Robson had a play at the workshop that Sheryl was hosting thanks to the great work that the folks at the London Jazz Guitar Society are doing. Wish I had been able to make it down but at least there was a bit of video to watch!



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Johnny Smith (1922-2013) Follow up

I had correspondence after this blog post from Alan Joseph who is the jazz guitar instructor at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts which is within the University of Colorado (Johnny’s hometown) who related his condolences and knew Johnny. He was kind enough to share a couple of photos with us. Alan is a fine guitarist, check him out on Youtube.

AJ JS III AJ JS II Alan plays Johnny's Gibson

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Johnny Smith (1922-2013)

Just heard the sad news of the passing of a true legend of jazz guitar. Johnny’s music meant a lot to me personally as a friend Ed Kettlewell years ago turned me onto him and immediately I was amazed (like every guitarist hearing it for the first time!) at the deftly crafted chord concepts he was playing, I’d not heard anyone do that at that time. It turned out that that whole album “Moonlight in Vermont” was amazing and it still has a special place in my life. I can’t play every note of that album but I know every note!

I was so inspired by Johnny’s original tune “Wally’s Waltz” that I learned it and performed it on a YT vid:

I couldn’t get close to his version of course, the man was something else.

Years ago I was sent a cassette tape of a rare live gig he played in 1981, I uploaded the tape to YT for all to enjoy so sit back and enjoy, Johnny we salute you!

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