Rotosound Top Tape Flatwounds

As previous posts have shown I personally prefer the Newtone Archtop for the sound I’m after (which usually isn’t a traditional jazz sound) but I have long wondered about the Rotosound Top Tapes (only available in 12’s) as a viable alternative to D’Addario on the shops guitars. They are different tonally to me as they sound ‘bedded’ in (not unlike well used Chromes) right from the off which to be honest in my (daily!) experience of jazz guitar players is what a vast majority tonally are after.  So far so good, even as a ‘take it or leave it’ flatwound appreciator I will persevere with them and I think they sound good on laminate archtops. We’ve got a few new videos which should be on Youtube fairly soon, I will post up the links when they’re available.


As an aside, I was absolutely amazed to see hanging on the wall printed on the D’Addario packaging…… can you spot the spelling mistake……? Can’t believe they designed this and no-one saw….!


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