Paco de Lucia (1947–2014)

Although himself not a jazz guitarist, I feel his passing deserves recognition as his music had such passion, soul and other worldly skill to it. I first came into contact with his music through a woodwind repairer at our shop who gave me a tape of “Friday Night in San Francisco” years ago and it flipped my head as I’d never heard guitar playing like it! Subsequently  in 1996 I went out to buy “Antologia” which at the time was only available on import (£30 and I was skint!) but it proved to be an outstandingly good purchase as it still gets listened to on a regular basis. At that time I didn’t really understand how his career had moved flamenco forward into world music and into the ears and hearts of people around the world but now understanding a bit more about that really brings the music a whole new edge.

My favourite Paco tracks are ‘Zyrab’, the truly incredible ‘Guijaras de Lucia’, Rio Ancho, ‘Monasterio de Sal’, and his contributions to the 3 Guitar Trio albums.

I’ll leave you with a track from John McLaughlin’s mid 90’s album which saw a reprise of the guitar trio for the track that John wrote with Paco in mind ‘El Ciego’



  1. #1 by Jules Faife on May 1, 2014 - 10:25 am

    Hey Dan, I’m not familiar with this McLaughlin album, The Promise, I’ll check it out! I see McLaughlin, Paco and Di Meola got together on this a year before their 1996 “The Guitar Trio” album.

    I agree, Zyryab and Monasterio de Sal are great tracks. Those who like Jaco Pastorius style bass will particularly like Carles Benavent’s playing on the latter track and also a track called Chanela, both on the Paco album “Solo Quiero Caminar” (1981)… I really recommend the whole album… brilliant! Encouraging your readers to cross the line into flamenco hehe 🙂

    Paco de Lucia will be greatly missed. But I’m sure he had a fulfilling life… he was raised on pure flamenco… and as he evolved as a person, his music evolved.

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