Jules Faife Interview

It’s great to be in an era where finding out about new and different artists doesn’t involve having to go down to the library or rely on word of mouth; this is one of the best things about the new internet age. Recently I was contacted through this blog by Jules Faife and he kindly agreed to do an interview for us. If you’re down south then definitely check him out, great playing and any fan of John McLaughlin is a friend of mine!
What/who were your initial influences?
I started out like many young teenagers, imitating the blues and rock guitar of the 60s and 70s… Hendrix, BB King, Muddy Waters, Clapton, Jimmy Page… and 80s guys like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Cray, Jeff Healey… then from my local library in Leeds I started borrowing tapes and CDs of Pat Metheny, Al Di Meola, George Benson, Joe Pass…
Are you gigging much at the moment and any projects in the pipeline?
It’s been a great year… last summer I did the first gig with my band, playing material from my debut album “Compás”… and the album was finally completed this summer, where I launched it at Pizza Express Jazz Club. Other gigs are coming up at the Union Chapel, Cafe POSK and Marsden Jazz Festival. I do have new ideas for a second album but I’ll hold them off for now until I really understand what to do with this first one!
What’s your ‘desert island’ guitar or have you got it!?
I’m not fussy with particular guitars… but although I enjoy playing the electric (strat), steel string and bass guitars, a nylon string guitar (Classical or Spanish) would suit me on a desert island… I’d try to conquer those impossible flamenco palos, and maybe for once I could learn a Charlie Parker line properly!
Best guitar gig you’ve ever seen?
I saw Paco de Lucia playing live in an outdoor amphitheatre in Cordoba, Spain in 2010… at midnight… pretty special!
Which guitarist(s) would you recommend for other people to check out? I recommend for people to hear modern but accessible flamenco (also with a jazz influence), check out Vicente Amigo. I love the way John Mclaughlin plays in his Remember Shakti band. In terms of instructional DVDs, I’ve always found Eric Johnson very impressive with his versatility and feel.
  1. #1 by Ash on November 7, 2013 - 5:37 pm

    I have seen Jules perform at the Marsden Jazz Festival and can say that he was really good!

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