Tiago Paiva interview

Thanks Tiago, for someone who hasn’t played jazz for that long it sounds like you’ve got some great influences there!

What/who were your initial influences?

What got me into jazz was Pat Metheny, later on I started to listen a lot to Miles and Coltrane and also Wes Montgomery. I’m still in the beginning of playing jazz guitar, I’ve been playing guitar for 4 years and started playing jazz 2 years ago. Now what I’ve been listening more to modern jazz and that’s probably my biggest influence so far.

Are you gigging much at the moment and any projects in the pipeline?

I’m not gigging much but a fair bit actually, but nothing regular so far. I’ve a couple of active projects, one of those being a modern jazz quintet (guitar, saxophone, piano, drums and double bass), we play originals which is really fun, and a more standard oriented quartet (vocals, guitar, double bass and drums). Apart from that I’ve also been playing trio (guitar, double bass and drums) in a jam session where we are resident musicians. In the future I would like to try to get more with busy with this (or another) trio since I love to play in a formation like this.

What’s your ‘desert island’ guitar or have you got it!?

Difficult one since I’ve never played many jazz guitars. I really like how those sadowsky guitars look and sound, so I would guess that my desert island guitar would be a sadowsky semi-hollow. But I’m really satisfied with main guitar (Peerless Manhattan), which I bought recently from Foulds Guitar, I’ve already had a couple of really good experiences with it while gigging and rehearsing.

Best (jazz guitar) gig you’ve ever seen?

I live in Portugal and there are really good guitar players here and I’ve not seen many international guitar players like so I would say that the most incredible jazz guitarist I’ve seen was Kurt Rosenwinkel but it was in a masterclass not a gig, and the most incredible jazz gig I’ve seen was André Fernandes (I totally recommend it) with is quintet here in Lisbon.

Which guitarist(s) would you recommend for other people to check out?

Well there are a couple of portuguese jazz guitarrists that I really like for example André Fernandes, Afonso Pais, Nuno Costa etc. I recommend, if you can, to grab their albuns, they are really good. Internationally I’ve recently found Lage Lund and I’m really impressed with is playing I’ve been listening a lot to him and also, if you don’t know him already, Ben Monder you got to love that sound he has.

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